Our staff team provided training to our SHG women members. The youth and women are provided awareness and motivation to make their own efforts for their welfare. We trained them on accounting, data keeping, applying to avail loans from banks, etc. More than 1,000 women have been benefited through this training. They do tailoring work, rudhraksha mala making, small spinning works, power loom based subsidiary works, rope making, household articles making, etc. We facilitated families to get assistances to do these business for the sustainable livelihood. .

Vizhuthugal provided training to panchayat representatives about sanitary workers’ health, their children’s educational development, sanitation development in rural and urban areas, etc. All ward members and panchayat presidents have benefited through this training. 

Vizhuthugal coordinators and organizers visited the slum areas and colonies of poor people and conducted  special camp for them to get family card, housing patta, Aadhaar card, health card, OAP etc. This enabled more than 1,000 people to get vital cards and Government schemes.


Development of poor people, Health Environment, Educational Development, Economic Development, Women empowerment and Child development


To work for deprived people for their upliftment and betterment with special emphasis on children and women and to provide them with livelihood opportunities and bring them into the mainstream of society.


  • To provide shelter and education for the street and runaway children towards their comprehensive development.
  • To facilitate a process to restore their lost childhood.
  • To create a space for the neglected children to bring out their hidden talents and to acquire knowledge and skills to enhance their status.
  • To equip the school drop out street and run away children to enhance their capacity to rejoin the formal schools.
  • To bring positive attitudinal change among the school going children, towards the working children and the street children.
  • To make visible status of child workers at wider levels.
  • To enable the non-school going children to compete with other children thereby to bring out their talents and to help them to instill confidence among themselves.
  • To promote the concept of a child providing education to another child.
  • To install confidence and positive attitudinal change towards life among the street and run away children.

Governing Board:

  • M.Thangavel,  Founder & Managing Trustee.
  • M.Jayanthi, Secretary.
  • R.Rajammal, Treasurer.