Development of Scavenging community

Medical camps for Manuals scavengers and sweepers 8 localities to participate 420 beneficiaries make awareness about health, how to work safe sweeping, drainage, cleaning to be done with safety equipment by all.

To identify 172 people affected skin deceases, TB, Ulcer and more health damages; we are referring to government hospitals and primary health centers to take and following to the treatments.

We organized Health Awareness campaigns in 8 places at Coimbatore, Erode and Nilgirs districts. Manual scavenging community got lot of knowledge and awareness about protection of health. More than 1500 people are benefited.

Number of 120 sanitary workers gets special mediclaim insurance in our activity.

Number of 320 manuals scavengers families to got a govt housing facilities in our continue excitement.

To create awareness they how to get the Housing – right, Ration card, Voter identity card, Barrial ground, safe drinking water, children’s education, employment opportunities to the educated people, and implementing inner- reservation in 3 % of Arunthathiyars. In the activities of 3200 - Arunthathiyar people got lot of benefits.

Conducted Scavengers Development conference (2012) at Tiruppur were more than 428 people participated

The sweepers and parents belonging to Tiruppur and Erode districts have been given awareness for sending their children to school through the enduring propaganda of Vizhuthugal; 216 children have joint our Special Coaching Schools.

The direct beneficiaries of the 30 day long School Enrollment Campaign of Vizhuthugal in the year 2013 and 2014 are of course 1720 parents in each block of selected 3 blocks in Tiruppur, and Erode districts. They got face-to-face inspiration from our volunteers and got sufficient resource material for understanding the themes of the campaign. In all another 4500 people would have benefited indirectly through the speeches. Mobile van propaganda, handbills, spot propaganda, street corner meetings, demonstration and personal counseling. As result of this campaign this year alone 232 scavenging community children were newly admitted in the schools.

Panchayath president’s promotion programm got a boom this year with the training and motivation given to them and strategic alliances to alleviate their shortcomings and Manual scavenging community Dignity

More twelve numbers of training programmed conducted for varied audiences on different areas on empowerment and development.

Two full fledged seminars were conducted this (2012) year respectively on NSLRS, NSKLRS (National Scheme for Liberation and Rehabilitation of Sanitary Workers) (National Safai Karmachari for the Liberation and Rehabilitation of Sanitary Workers) and status of implementation of the PA Act, 1989 and Manual scavenging abolition Act 1993 NSLRS is with reference to the rehabilitation of the manual scavengers belonging to Manual scavenging community. 630 peoples were participated

A monitoring and field investigation team has been created with the activists of Vizhuthugal. It is carrying out the works of fact finding studies, monitoring of various government schemes and monitoring of SHGS, and field works.

A Cycle Rally was conducted for insisting on the demand of Eradication of Untouchables and Manual scavenging system for scavenging community and 560 participated in this cycle rally.

A seminar on scavenging community and inner- Reservation Education and employment opportunities was got benefits 450 women and men from the community.

To created new employment opportunity (masan, car bender, private company job ) and self employment like Petty shop,milk production, minidor (tempo),animal husbandry, tea shop, etc.. 23 manual scavengers have distorted him occupation.

Landless (housing patta) manual scavenging community people were motivated to claim lands and housing patta from the govt and until now 186 families got housing facilities and 7 families got each one acre (7acres) agricultural panjamiland.

Vizhuthugal conducted Special coaching centers for manual scavenging community school going 420 children’s participated to this year (2009-2010) they are passed and 10th std students and 62 students got more than 400 marks out of 500 marks in public examination.

Conducted manual scavenging community children’s conference in every year had celebrating National Children’s day at Tirupur District. In this conference more than 360 children’s participated and they are discussed Child rights. Also Child rights related songs, games, dramas, stories, history, health conditions, and importance of education. In this conference very useful for child happy, social equality and freedom.