VIZHUTHUGAL envisions a child labor free society where the rights of the laborers, women and the children are respected and upheld, and they have equal salience in every sphere of their lives.


Eradication of child labor practice, comprehensive empowerment of poor women, promotion of living standards of the migrant and other laborers of Tirupur knitwear industries, by formation of community strengthening structures, through awareness education, enhancing skills, capacity building, networking, lobbying and advocacy programs.

  • Beneficiaries
    • Children are at risk of being a generation growing and living without ecological social knowledge and skills in sustainable living style. Vulnerable children groups like Street children, rescued child labour, children belonging to poor economic group, children belonging to marginalized communities, children without parents and children with single parents are the primary target group of children are catered in this ecological knowledge center. Children hailing from urban middle and higher income families are the secondary target group of children.
  • Activities
    • Food and shelter
    • Physical care
    • Social care
    • Developing educational skills
    • Imparting life education
    • Skill trainings
  • Objectives
    • To facilitate a place that is conducive for children to work, play and relax, towards conversion of the energies of the children for positive actions.
    • To inculcate the habit of ecologically sustainable living style among these children in the atmosphere of ecological park.
    • To facilitate a process of total rehabilitation and comprehensive development of children.
    • To safeguard and to protect the children from exploitation and to groom them as law abiding citizens.

Exposure to ecological issues faced by our planet in general and Tirupur region in particular is the first focus of this project. Similarly, developing alternate ecological models in terms of the following aspects:

  • Water conservation like construction check dams, rain water harvesting structures, pond making and aquaculture etc
  • Agro-forestry measures like tree planting, growing fruit bearing trees, developing nursery with saplings for community tree planting in the neighborhood, growing wind breaking tree plantation to develop micro climate conducive for overall atmosphere for the farm and center
  • Recycling degradable solid wastes into wealth like aerated compost, vermin-compost, and hand made paper manufacturing, hand made paper carry bags, greeting cards, files and folders etc
  • Waste water recycling using bio block process and oxidation process
  • Constructing eco friendly toilets in the center and its recycled manure will be used in farming
  • Utilizing recycled grey or waste water for gardens and tolerant trees
  • Alternate farming methods like bio dynamic farm based on lunar calendar oriented seed sowing, spraying organic pesticides, applying organic fertilizers and harvesting etc. permaculture techniques will be used in addition to bio dynamic methods
  • Integrating solar energy within the center in all energy applications
  • Sericulture, making honey and other ecological friendly income generation activities